Senior Ambassador Application

Q: What is a Senior Ambassador?

A: Senior Ambassadors are an elite group of seniors who feel they have what it takes to represent our company and refer their fellow classmates to us as well. We choose a small group of students from different schools around the area each year to represent our company for that school year.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Zero, Nada, Free

Q: What do I do in exchange?

A: Senior Ambassadors will be the face of our company! Since word of mouth is the best method of advertising we are asking you to tell your friends all about us and your experience with Aztec Photography. You are our ambassador team. To help you spread the word, we will create impressive and unique marketing materials with the images from your group sessions and your personal senior portrait session.

Our ambassadors not only participate in representing our studio online and in the community, they also model for any fashion shoots, new location shoots, portfolio building, or other projects. As a Senior Ambassador, you basically help promote our brand, as we document your senior year, any photo you post that are taken of you, you just tag us back on it and spread the word.  It is pretty simple.

Q: What are the perks?

A:  Your Senior portrait session, will cost $0. Yes, NADA! Your session will not be one of the advertised packages but instead, it will be a custom package catered just for you. Your senior year will be documented in photo form: homecoming, prom, graduation, senior portrait, your birthday. At the end of the school year, you will also receive graduation announcements to let everyone know you accomplished a milestone. Best of all they receive personalized letters of recommendation for college applications or jobs.

One of the biggest perks of being an Ambassador for Aztec Photography is our exclusive referral program. For each referral, our ambassadors receive a cash incentive for every referral. Other perks to being a Senior Ambassador include EXCLUSIVE ambassador shoots, multiple group session opportunities with our other ambassadors, a FREE personalized gift on your birthday, you get access to a huge discount that can be used for your family on photo shoots and services we offer, and the experience of a lifetime!

Q: I’ve seen other photographers have “high school assistants” used to promote their brand, can I also assist?

A: Good question, the simplest way to answer is this, student assistants are essentially used as free labor by some photographers. They help the photographer shoot a wedding or event and get free photos in exchange for their time. They are asked to model and used as free marketing. Ambassadors are not assistants and are not treated as such, ambassadors are part of the team, they have direct input into marketing, they are an integral part that guides the direction of how senior portraits are handled, they have direct input as to how the brand should be seen in their perspective schools.  In the event that an ambassador has an interest in becoming an assistant or second shooter, they will be compensated as any other paid staff member in the team.

Q: Are there requirements?

A:  Yes!

  • You must be a graduating senior in high school in the 805.
  • You must be social and help promote my brand.
  • You must be highly motivated and willing to work hard and play hard.
  • You must have access to reliable transportation or access to someone who does.
  • Have your parents or legal guardians sign a model release form
  • You must have the ability to be spontaneous.
  • Agree to represent ONLY Aztec Photography and use these images as your senior