During the past couple months, I have been doing field research on what couples feel love is.  Below are stories from amazing couples.

What does friendship look like to you? Friendship consists of having another person whom one can truly trust. This means you can be 100% honest with the other person without feeling hesitant. Friendship should also consist of happiness and create some of the best memories to keep. – Litze

What are your thoughts on having children? My thoughts on having babies are extremely important because I want to have them with the guy that I know won’t give me bs and won’t leave. I would love to have twins (two boys) because I just think they’re so cute and I love boys a lot too. – Vanessa

What was your first impression of your significant other?  He is really shy at first then became comfortable, he’s very funny.   He was very handsome and played soccer – Miranda

What does love look like to you? Love is that gut feeling you get when you see him.  The goosebumps you get when they touch your skin. That sensational feeling you get in your body when you see them. Being able to lay with them in a bed and be quiet and just lay there next to each other. – Victoria

When and where was your first kiss? Our first kiss was at the beach. We were sitting down on a rock watching the waves hit the rock and then all of a sudden he began to pull me close he looked at me and then he kissed me. – Ana

What’s your favorite memory of your significant other? My favorite memory of my boyfriend is when we have a dance performance at Disney on his birthday. That day his little sister made him emotional because she was afraid that since he was almost 18, he was going to leave her and their siblings. That was the first time I saw him cry. I comforted him and we formed a deeper connection from then on. – Irene

What would you do if you had one day left to live? If I had one day to live I would defiantly buy a cotton candy machine, pet all the cats at viva\pound, eat a dozen chicken tacos, make the fluffy Japanese cheesecake and then curl up in bed with my boyfriend and watch a horror movie. – Haley

How did you meet? We meet in elementary school, we had the same classroom. at first we hated each other’s guts but days passed and all the hate turn into us falling for each other. – Vanessa

The hard part is balancing time between your relationship and time for each other’s family, how have you manage that? He tells me when he’s fed up with me and he’ll hang with his mom, or brothers and be a Tio and hang with his niece and nephews. I’m a huge family person and he knows that, so I’d let him know and he’d let me spend time with them – Destiny

How did you meet? I met him freshman year and we started becoming friends and getting to know each other sophomore year, during the summer after that we started talking everyday until 3 in the morning. Junior year he wanted to become more than friends but I was nervous and I told him that we should wait. Surprisingly at the end of Christmas break, we decided to hang out at a park and talk and have lunch. While we were having a random conversation, he all of a sudden grabbed my face and kissed me! And that was just it for us. We were telling each other how we felt and a couple months afterwards he told me that he loved me. I know that this is my first relationship but I’ve never felt more immensely in love with someone like this before. It just feels so great to be with a guy who is your other half. – Kadie

If your love story was turned into a movie, who would play you two and what would the name of the movie be called?: This is so hard ahh I have so many cool people that could play us lol but I’d say Jennifer Lawrence & Matt damon lol and probably be called “such a small world” – Leyda

Besides being in a relationship, what is one thing that makes you happy? My dog – Brenda

What does friendship look like to you? Friendship is openly expressing your thoughts and feelings to one you trust. It’s having a person with you by your side through everything you face and counting on them. – Jennifer

What’s your favorite time of the year? Why? It’s definitely Christmas because you are spending it with family, you give and get presents. You listen to Christmas songs and it just gets you in a happy mood. I love seeing the house lights and decorations of Santa and Rudolph, the Christmas deserts and movies – Ziha

If love was a scent and a color, what would you describe it to be? Brown and farts, she farts whenever we are in the same car, she laughs when ever she does it and blames it on the sewers. – Anonymous

When and where was your first kiss? At the time I was staying at my best friend’s friend’s house because I couldn’t be home with my alcoholic father anymore, and she got locked up during the time I was still staying there. So, I told Christopher this and he invited me to stay the night at his house. He and I, were both going through hard times, then. His mom was okay with my stay too, I met her when I met him 8 years ago. We chopped it up over drinks, touching personal topics and toasting to our friendship. I took his bed and he stayed on this couch. He woke up the next morning and came over to the bed, woke me up and asked if he could lay down, I was turning my head and he surprised me with a kiss. I couldn’t stop blushing. I was happy my best friend felt the same way – Xochitl

What does love look like to you? Love to me is where you can’t see yourself without the other person and want nothing but the best for that person that your with and to just want them to be happy – Adriana

Have you guys gone off on a romantic getaway? Where did you go? When you got back, did you feel like it helped you grow closer as a couple? What brought you closer? We went to big bear last winter or spring break I believe. It was fun because it was kind of a spontaneous decision and we went for it. It was good to get away from our usual hang out place. I guess it brought us closer – Anonymous

What was your first impression of your significant other? I thought he was annoying.  he’s a sweetheart, plain and simple – Stephanie

How did you meet? We’ve been at the same school since elementary, but we never paid attention to each other till sophomore year. We had mutual friends, and just considered each other friends for a while. One day both our parents were taking really long to pick us up from school so we started hanging out, and that turned into an everyday thing. Little by little we started liking each other and when we finally admitted that to each other, we went to the state fair and he was so nervous, but when he asked me out he hugged me really tight and said “do you want to be my novia?” (Girlfriend in Spanish) and it was just so adorable (: – Giselle

You know it’s true love when you see yourself together all the time and when you are together the world works and when you are part you cherish each other. How do you manage your time together during the brief times you are together? We take naps – Nicole

How do you see your future with your significant other? I see my future with my significant other really clearly. He wants his music career to take off greatly and widely and I’d be there along the way with him for every single part of it. He’d also be there with every step of the way in whatever I may choose to do with my future. – Andrea

What would you do if you had one day left to live? Ride a motorcycle naked with my bf in Alaska. The bears would love it, I don’t know about the cold tho – Anonymous

When you are together, what are some of the things you guys do? I love that we are both very adventurous so everytime we would go out, we would go hiking, to the beach or any place else that would make us be active or where we’re able to have a beautiful look at nature. But, sometimes we would go out to eat a lot since we both also love food. – Magaly

Who asked who out and who made it official? He asked me to be his girlfriend and I didn’t say yes right away because I wanted to get my mom’s input and to see what she thought about it. So I got home and my mom automatically thought I said yes so she was all happy and after I didn’t say yes right away I wanted to say yes at 9:28 pm because I thought It’ll be cute to say yes on the date we met and have it be the time so I made him wait all day until I said yes. So basically my mom kinda made it official because she assumed I said yes. – Daisy

The hard part is balancing time between your relationship and time for each other’s family, how have you manage that? My family and him actually hang out a lot so it’s not a problem on my side but I do seem to be a bit distant from his so I’d love to put some effort into trying to hang out with them more – Wendy

Looking back at your first date and thinking at where you are now, how would you describe the evolution of your relationship? What has changed? Our relationship just keeps becoming stronger we do face a lot of obstacles but we always over come them together. We have a very natural not forced relationship that’s just feels good. And we genially love each other – Ariel

What are your thoughts on having children? We talk about it all the time, it crazy we’ve only been together for 2 months but we see it happening – Nicole

How do you deal with the long distance? Hmmm I mean when I went up to finally see him a few days after Christmas we both didn’t want to let go of each other at all. But when I had to come back home we were both sad about it. I’m hoping to spend my spring break with him though. There will be other times where we won’t be able to come see each other because of our busy schedules. Him working full time every week and I’m mostly a part time worker and on top of that a full-time student. One of the little things he would send me is pictures of the views on his way to work because he knows I’m practically obsessed with sunrises and sunsets. Oh my gosh they took my breath away. – Kadie

How do you manage your time apart from one another? Since we are in a long distance relationship, its very important for us to communicate, we text and call each other almost everyday, oh and of course Snapchat! – Cassandra

What does love look like to you? Love is like a friendship but more meaningful, it’s when you can’t see yourself without that other person where it feels like your heart is trying to escape out of our chest when you see them because you love them so much. – Haley

Do feel like it is a stigma in society being in a romantic relationship and being judged not being married?  Well we both believe that society sees it as “normal” but doesn’t see it “normal” if we’re not having sex. But my boyfriend and I don’t really care what the say about that because it’s our relationship and not theirs – Cinthia

If love was a scent and a color, what would you describe it to be? Love would be a fresh baked pie on a window sill – Isabel

Besides being in a relationship, what is one thing that makes you happy? My sisters & brother make me happy. They are what makes me be me. I don’t know if that makes sense to you but yeah. They are what I can say my happiness over any guy, over anything. – Ana

When and where was your first kiss? I wanted to show him where I used to go to school before high school. So we went to my old elementary/junior high school and laid out a blanket to look at the stars. Gazing at stars is one of my favorite things to do. After that I showed him this abandoned house that has a great view of the city. Once we had explored there for a bit we still didn’t want to go home and so he decided to show me this old water reservoir that was turned into a park. We walked over to a bench and then he kissed me. I should’ve seen it coming but I didn’t and after he kissed me (mid sentence) I kept talking. I have no idea why but oops. So yeah he loves to tell that story now. – Anonymous

What does love look like to you? Love looks like two people becoming one, being happy and when upset fixing it, caring, full of laughter and smiles, having someone to rely on, making sure your significant other is trying his/her best. Pushing them and giving them the courage that they have out into the world. Being there for one another even when things get rough. – Daisy

Looking back at your first date and thinking at where you are now, how would you describe the evolution of your relationship? What has changed? We have grown a lot by knowing how to overcome obstacles in life and in our relationship. – Damaris

Do you remember the first thing you said to one another? What was it? I said Hi would you like to take a picture with me because I need this for our school ig page. He said yea sure, then he said can I have your number – Ziha

What does love look like to you? Love to me doesn’t look like a fairy tale. Love to me looks like arguing and loving each other. There’s gonna be bad days and good days and when those bad days come around, if you and your partner can find a way to get through it then that’s love. No one has a perfect life and a perfect relationship. It just takes the ones that a madly in love to admit that. – Anonymous

Who asked who out and who made it official? He asked me with a build-a-bear that he had his voice recorded in saying”Brenda will u be my girlfriend” and I was so surprised because I’ve never been asked in a thoughtful way he’s my second boyfriend and the best I’ve ever had the privilege to be with. Point is the way he asked me was so smooth he still bosts about it till this day. – Brenda